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Wrevolution X will be featuring a match between two veterans in Philippine Wrestling Revolution and suffice to say both these individuals know each other very well. The Social Media Sinister will once again be facing off against the returning Heart and Soul of PWR, Bombay Suarez! If there’s one thing these two competitors have in common recently, it’s been that their appearances in PWR have been sporadic to say the least but their reasons for doing so could not be anymore different.

Bombay has been taking a break from PWR’s squared circle as of late to focus on his family but the PWR legend has been coming back from time to time to check up on the talent level of the company and to remind the Revo-Nation that the B****-killer has still got it. Bombay came back at Bagong Yugto and at Path of Gold and he has impressed on both times back and now, the former PHX Champion is looking to impress once again against a familiar foe in Ken Warren.

The Social Media Sinister on the other hand has been taking a break for the reason of refusing to compete if it’s not a championship match or basically a match he’d like to take part in much to the ire of the Revo-Nation and Mr. Sy. Ken Warren has been walking around PWR thinking he can do anything he wants and just take any match that interests him but his exploits almost cost him to miss the biggest show in Philippine Wrestling. For not being around and basically not delivering as a professional wrestler, Ken Warren was almost left off the card for Wrevolution X that is until we found out Bombay would be returning and Mr. Sy put 2 and 2 together to make this high profile match.

It’s hard to say who has the clear advantage in this match. Both have had an inconsistent presence in shows and although Ken Warren technically has been in more shows than Bombay, Bombay shows everyone he has the heart and the balls to beat just about anyone regardless of ring rust. Who will come out on top in this battle between two former PHX Champions?



Wrevolution X will be featuring a first time matchup between two of the most colorful competitors in the history of Philippine Wrestling Revolution. On April 30 at the Bayanihan Center, we will be seeing the leader of the network, James “IDOL” Martinez, take on the Man Doll, Martivo.

IDOL has been having a very tumultuous year leading up to Wrevolution X. Having lost to Rederick Mahaba at the previous Wrevolution X, IDOL and the Network had a hard time gaining a strong sense of momentum in the shows to follow. Recently, however, they’ve been gaining their groove back with a new downline in Alexander Belmonte III and with their Golden Boy Chino Guinto on a roll. Although Chino has been on a roll as of late, the same can’t be said for IDOL and things came to a head at the Path of Gold match which we’ll get to in a few.


Martivo on the other hand is looking to go into his first Wrevolution X and impress the Revo-Nation and his Rainbow Squad. The Man Doll debuted to deafening applause of the Revo-Nation and has found a bit of success with Robynn in the Punk Dolls but neither his singles or tag team career has taken off quite yet and he’s looking to do just that with a win over IDOL at Wrevolution X. 

The reason this match is taking place can really be called a case of mistaken identity. At the Path of Gold match, a Sonic Crusher from Ralph Imabayashi would knock out IDOL and a superkick from JDL would cause Chino to land on top of his leader for an unfortunate elimination. Chino not wanting to draw the ire of his mentor, would lay the blame on Martivo causing the Rainbow Warrior to be eliminated. IDOL would later find out that Martivo was not the one who eliminated him and for making IDOL look like a fool, Chino Guinto would be suspended for a month. Although it was an honest (or dishonest) mistake on the part of The Network, IDOL would never admit to being wrong and would proceed to challenge Martivo to a match at Wrevolution X to which the latter accepted. With two differing styles that will be on display, will IDOL finally turn his fortunes around or will Martivo win on his first Wrevolution X?


It’s been an age-old story ever since the dawn of time. Love and Hate will always be at odds against each other and at Wrevolution X, the story will remain the same as the Laborer of Love, Rederick Mahaba, will take on the Harbinger of Hate, The Apocalypse. Not only will this be the first meeting between these two larger than life wrestlers but this match will be an ALL OUT WAR match where ANYTHING GOES and pinfall or submission can happen absolutely anywhere. Let’s take a look back at the year both competitors have had leading up to this epic clash.

Rederick Mahaba has had an interesting year leading up to Wrevolution X. At the previous installment of the biggest show in Philippine Wrestling, Rederick Mahaba would finally defeat his rival, James “IDOL” Martinez and claim his first ever victory using his patented Jaccolade maneuver. The following month would continue Mahaba’s momentum as he defeated a reluctant Ken Warren via countout. The king of schlong style would have his momentum stopped by the athletic Peter Versoza which would lead him to go a new route and help a good friend and meet a familiar foe. Rederick Mahaba would team up with Ralph Imabayashi to form the charismatic tag team MTNH and they would close off 2016 with a triumphant win over The Network. The Intimate Warrior’s 2017 would be a different story, however, as Rederick Mahaba would fall to The Network’s Anthony Belmonte III in Bagong Yugto thanks to an assist from Chino Guinto. That would not faze the Afro-desiac one bit as he would come back to defeat Anthony Belmonte III and rightfully claim his spot in the Path of Gold match and this is where things would take a turn for the worst. After entering the Path of Gold match and clearing house with Ralph Imabayashi, an enraged Apocalypse would enter the ring and lay waste to Rederick Mahaba, seemingly injuring the Intimate Warrior. Mahaba would have his revenge at the next event by feigning injury and taking away The Apocalypse’s chance at becoming PHX champion which leads him to where he is today.

The Apocalypse’s year, on the other hand, has been once again full of destruction but also devoid of gold. After handily disposing Beer Promdi at the previous Wrevolution X, The Apocalypse would aim for the the highest source of power in the promotion, namely the PWR Title. He would fall short in claiming an opportunity against John Sebastian and Chris Panzer in a 3-Way match and the monster would place the blame for his failure on the leader of the Panzer Army. The two would meet in ALL OUT WAR where the valiant Panzer would have his back sliced open by a nasty light tube from The Apocalypse. After defeating Chris Panzer, The Apocalypse would once again have a chance at the PWR championship after interfering in a title match between John Sebastian and Jake De Leon. The 3-Way ALL OUT WAR match that ensued at Path of Gold would tear the roof off the building but alas, The Apocalypse would once again fall short of claiming gold. Obviously angered by the happenings, the monster from your deepest darkest fears would proceed to take out his frustrations on Rederick Mahaba by repeatedly hitting the Intimate Warrior with a crowbar that eventually took him out of the Path of Gold match and almost out for good. This, however, would be a big mistake on The Apocalypse’s end as Rederick Mahaba would retaliate by costing the Apocalypse the chance to become PHX champion showing everyone that love will not bow down to hate.

Absolutely anything can happen in this ALL OUT WAR match. The Apocalypse is well-versed in ALL OUT WAR matches as he has spent most of his career in this environment which puts Mahaba in a clear disadvantage. Where the King of Schlong Style lacks in experience, however, he makes up for in a whole lot of heart and with the stipulations as they are, it’s anyone’s ballgame. Will love be able to conquer evil at Wrevolution X or will The Apocalypse continue to spread destruction everywhere he goes?