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Wrevolution X will be featuring a match between two veterans in Philippine Wrestling Revolution and suffice to say both these individuals know each other very well. The Social Media Sinister will once again be facing off against the returning Heart and Soul of PWR, Bombay Suarez! If there’s one thing Read More »

Wrevolution X will be featuring a first time matchup between two of the most colorful competitors in the history of Philippine Wrestling Revolution. On April 30 at the Bayanihan Center, we will be seeing the leader of the network, James “IDOL” Martinez, take on the Man Doll, Martivo. IDOL has Read More »

It’s been an age-old story ever since the dawn of time. Love and Hate will always be at odds against each other and at Wrevolution X, the story will remain the same as the Laborer of Love, Rederick Mahaba, will take on the Harbinger of Hate, The Apocalypse. Not only Read More »

Women’s wrestling is looking to pick up here in Philippine Wrestling Revolution and at Wrevolution X, we will be seeing the first ever women’s wrestling match in PWR between Crystal and Robynn. Ever since Crystal’s rousing debut at PWR Vendetta in 2016, there has been a big clamor for women’s Read More »

In last year’s Wrevolution X, Chris Panzer and John Sebastian faced each other in singles competition with very high stakes, namely the jobs of KC Montero and Mr. Sy on the line. It was a hard-hitting and high octane affair that would see the Wrestling Lord and Saviour come out Read More »

At PWR Live: Bagong Yugto, we saw the rise of a new PHX Champion in Peter Versoza after he defeated his former Royal Flush running mate, Main Maxx. Just last month at PWR Path of Gold, we saw P to the V defend his title in amazing fashion and defeat Read More »

Straight from Mr. Sy’s office, the PWR General Manager announces the bracket for the first-ever PWR Tag Team Championship tournament, with the first round match-ups taking place at PWR Live: Mainit. Six teams will compete for the right to be the inaugural PWR Tag Team Champions.   First round match-ups Read More »

When you think about summer, you think about the beach, going swimming, and going on road trips. But on March 19th, Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be bringing the hottest thing this summer… PWR LIVE: MAINIT! Featuring the most-elite pro-wrestling talent you’ll see in the entire country today. Here are all Read More »

In case you haven’t been staying up to date on the happenings in and around Philippine Wrestling Revolution, things are definitely getting MAINIT between Main Maxx and John Sebastian. The cause seems to be an errant shot with the PWR title by Sebastian on to Maxx amidst the already chaotic Read More »

It’s been a tough climb for Chris Panzer this past year at Philippine Wrestling Revolution. After losing to the current PWR Champion, John Sebastian, at Wrevolution X and costing Mr. Sy his General Manager spot in the company, it has been a hard road for the leader of the Panzer Read More »