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A controversial match finish or not, John Sebastian was successful in defending his PWR Championship. Check out what the self-proclaimed Wrestling Lord and Savior has to say about his first PWR Title defense in his edition of #PWRAftershock

After The Apocalypse interfered in the PWR Championship match between Jake De Leon & John Sebastian causing the match to be thrown out as a no contest, the Senyorito had this to say in his #PWRAftershock

Ken Warren talks about his return to PWR and his fifth match-up against long-time rival Chris Panzer. The Social Media Sinister also officially throws in his name into the PWR: Path of Gold 2017 pool of combatants. Check out this edition of #PWRAftershock for the full story!

The year is almost coming to a close and “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon did not end off 2016 as he had hoped. He lost the PWR Championship and got a concussion in the process. However, the son of a haciendero chooses not to dwell too much in the past Read More »

After 7 long months of being on the losing end of his bouts, Chris Panzer was finally able to notch a win not only against Chino Guinto but also against the people that have been doubting him. Now, the leader of the Panzer army will be going for PWR’s top Read More »

After their explosive tag team match against the Fighters 4 Hire that ended in a double count-out, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the tag team of Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk will be a team to watch out for in PWR.

Rederick Mahaba and Ralph Imabayashi (collectively known as ‘MTNH’) discuss why they decided to form a team against The Network and how they were able to conquer the group of Networkers

A month ago at PWR Live Suplex Sunday, we saw the end of “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon’s PWR championship reign at the hands of John Sebastian. Now that he has finally reached PWR’s mountaintop, what will be next for your Wrestling Lord, Savior, and PWR Champion?

At PWR Live: Suplex Sunday, the PWR Championship will be on the line as Jake De Leon is set to square off against John Sebastian in the first ever Bacolod Bullrope Match. In this match, both wrestlers will be tied together by a 10 ft. bullrope so that there will Read More »

Chino Guinto addressed the recent happenings at PWR Renaissance and is looking to  get back on the winning track against a PWR Original in Chris Panzer at PWR Live: Suplex Sunday