Wrevolution X will be featuring a first time matchup between two of the most colorful competitors in the history of Philippine Wrestling Revolution. On April 30 at the Bayanihan Center, we will be seeing the leader of the network, James “IDOL” Martinez, take on the Man Doll, Martivo.

IDOL has been having a very tumultuous year leading up to Wrevolution X. Having lost to Rederick Mahaba at the previous Wrevolution X, IDOL and the Network had a hard time gaining a strong sense of momentum in the shows to follow. Recently, however, they’ve been gaining their groove back with a new downline in Alexander Belmonte III and with their Golden Boy Chino Guinto on a roll. Although Chino has been on a roll as of late, the same can’t be said for IDOL and things came to a head at the Path of Gold match which we’ll get to in a few.


Martivo on the other hand is looking to go into his first Wrevolution X and impress the Revo-Nation and his Rainbow Squad. The Man Doll debuted to deafening applause of the Revo-Nation and has found a bit of success with Robynn in the Punk Dolls but neither his singles or tag team career has taken off quite yet and he’s looking to do just that with a win over IDOL at Wrevolution X. 

The reason this match is taking place can really be called a case of mistaken identity. At the Path of Gold match, a Sonic Crusher from Ralph Imabayashi would knock out IDOL and a superkick from JDL would cause Chino to land on top of his leader for an unfortunate elimination. Chino not wanting to draw the ire of his mentor, would lay the blame on Martivo causing the Rainbow Warrior to be eliminated. IDOL would later find out that Martivo was not the one who eliminated him and for making IDOL look like a fool, Chino Guinto would be suspended for a month. Although it was an honest (or dishonest) mistake on the part of The Network, IDOL would never admit to being wrong and would proceed to challenge Martivo to a match at Wrevolution X to which the latter accepted. With two differing styles that will be on display, will IDOL finally turn his fortunes around or will Martivo win on his first Wrevolution X?