Wrevolution X will be featuring a match between two veterans in Philippine Wrestling Revolution and suffice to say both these individuals know each other very well. The Social Media Sinister will once again be facing off against the returning Heart and Soul of PWR, Bombay Suarez! If there’s one thing these two competitors have in common recently, it’s been that their appearances in PWR have been sporadic to say the least but their reasons for doing so could not be anymore different.

Bombay has been taking a break from PWR’s squared circle as of late to focus on his family but the PWR legend has been coming back from time to time to check up on the talent level of the company and to remind the Revo-Nation that the B****-killer has still got it. Bombay came back at Bagong Yugto and at Path of Gold and he has impressed on both times back and now, the former PHX Champion is looking to impress once again against a familiar foe in Ken Warren.

The Social Media Sinister on the other hand has been taking a break for the reason of refusing to compete if it’s not a championship match or basically a match he’d like to take part in much to the ire of the Revo-Nation and Mr. Sy. Ken Warren has been walking around PWR thinking he can do anything he wants and just take any match that interests him but his exploits almost cost him to miss the biggest show in Philippine Wrestling. For not being around and basically not delivering as a professional wrestler, Ken Warren was almost left off the card for Wrevolution X that is until we found out Bombay would be returning and Mr. Sy put 2 and 2 together to make this high profile match.

It’s hard to say who has the clear advantage in this match. Both have had an inconsistent presence in shows and although Ken Warren technically has been in more shows than Bombay, Bombay shows everyone he has the heart and the balls to beat just about anyone regardless of ring rust. Who will come out on top in this battle between two former PHX Champions?